iOS 14.2 app crashes if deployed via MDM but not from AppStore

We noticed that our MOE application crashes on certain iOS devices when installed via MDM (for example, Apple Configurator 2).

The following is required for this issue to happen:

  1. Application should be processed to the AppStore (ie properly released to general public; “Custom private apps”, testflight, ad-hoc IPA deployments are not affected);
  2. Device should be running iOS versions 14.2 or 14.3;
  3. Device should have an arm64e processor (as opposed to an arm64), ie A12 chipset or newer;
  4. Application should be installed using MDM (eg Apple Configurator 2)

Xamarin developers are also affected by this issue, they managed to make a workaround:

However, the issue appears to be on Apple side, and it will supposedly be fixed in iOS 14.4.

While it is not fixed by Apple in stable iOS versions, is there a chance to have a workaround for MOE, similar to the Xamarin’s one?

I am attaching a sample crashlog (happens right on application start). (27.4 KB)

Sorry this is something beyond my knowledge, I’ll have to dig deeper into this and could take a lot of time & effort. The solution from Xamarin is very specific to their own project and I don’t think it can be easily applied to MOE.
I’ll try my best but I can’t give you any promise on when or if it will be fixed for now.