iOS app in Android Studio shown error but MOE still able to run it?

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I follow the MOE tutorial from this link

Creating a UI with the Multi-OS Engine UI Designer

Well, every things looks good but… then I found out that Android Studio actually showing
this class is having at least 9 errors but MOE still able to compile and run it for iOS?

I’m using the 1st open source MOE, JDK8 and latest Android Studio 2.1

Thanks guys

My sample java file (804 Bytes)


these errors are most likely the JNI validation errors from Android Studio. AS is trying to be smart and thinks it can find the actual JNI method for a Java native method. Nat/J methods look like regular native methods to it, so it will report an error, because it can’t find the native JNI method for it. Currently the workaround for it is to switch off this check in the project settings.

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Great! Thanks Gergely :grinning: