IPA size - swift libs + symbols

Hi guys,

Getting back to the IPA size issue, our IPA has now an enormous size of 100MB, if I extract it and look inside I see that much of the size is taken by swift libs that appear twice in the IPA, once in the root folder under SwiftSupport (110MB), and another time inside the Payload under Frameworks (~40MB).
“Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries” is set to No, and EMBEDDED_CONTENT_CONTAINS_SWIFT is set to NO

Our app actually supports only iOS 9 and above, and if I’m not mistaken, these versions do not need the swift libs inside the IPA at all (not twice for sure), because they exist natively on the device.
Am I right?

Is there a way to tell MOE build not to add the swift libs?

Also, there seems to be a folder called “Symbols” in the root folder, but in Xcode in the release scheme I specified not to make a debug executable (under Run), I guess I need to specify somewhere else in MOE to not include the symbols?


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