Is it time to switch to RoboVM?

It’s been over two weeks since the last hopeful post from Migeran regarding a MOE update and support. Nothing has materialized. I realize they may be busy with projects that provide income, and that totally makes business sense. For those who were hoping to continue with projects using MOE, it may not make business sense for us to wait indefinitely.

As we’ve been waiting for MOE updates, we’ve been focusing on the Android side of things, still waiting to be able to have a fix for MOE/iOS issues since June where Gergely indicated development was continuing (

This thread this week in the LibGDX forum sort of frames up the issue. (

I really like MOE and wish/hope for a real update. I think Migeran has created something great. It’s just that for our project/game, we need to be able to use the most up to date Xcode, Gradle, Android Studio, etc. and we’re pretty much at the fork in the road where we need to decide to go through the process of porting to RoboVM or Cocos2d-x (obviously, RoboVM would make more sense).

Is anyone else in this type of situation?

Well, Moe has it’s flag, and probably you are right, but I’m finding myself very well in using moe, especially because the mods help the community a lot.
For the project i’m doing right now I’ll keep using moe, but probably i’ll switch to something else for the next project since I like to try everything

They’ve been saying updates are coming “soon” for about a year and a half now. I don’t think anything is coming.

I wouldn’t recommend MOE nor libGDX for commercial projects anymore. I have a lot of respect for both projects and it was a pleasure to use them. Since they are open source you are not 100% dependent on a company. But for any commercial project I’d go for react native, flutter or xamarin as they are more popular and are backed by big multi billion dollar companies.

That said, I really hope MOE can get a financial boost to become a competitive cross platform framework.

Microsoft turned down robovm in favor of xamarin this is were all our problems started :wink: