Is there still a plan for Linux support?

Hello, I saw an older post from August 2016 that seemed to suggest there is indeed a plan for eventually supporting MOE on Linux.
Is this still the case? If so, how far away might it be?

I’m confused. The JVM runs on Linux so why would you need MOE? It was my understanding that MOE was created to be able to run Java apps on iOS because there isn’t a JVM for it already.

To clarify, I mean using Linux as a development OS.

Ah ok. My mistake. I’m actually not sure if MOE is still in development. The lead has mentioned that they have plans but the MOE github hasn’t been touched in months. There was also something mentioned about a Java React Native project but I haven’t seen anything about that either.

Hmm. It seems like the support team could answer this if they would just reply to my post.