.ixml is not generated

Im following the create first hello world here
and at the step of creating new multi ios engine module I dont see "somthing " with storyboard like Single-View Application with storyboard so I chose Single-View Application but the next popup I get dose not contain xcode so I fill the inputs and submit, I can see a ios folder created next to app folder in android studio (my operating system is macOS on virtual box) but the ios folder contain only java folder inside and there is no resouces folder for the views


That documentation is for the old Intel version. It is very much outdated and no longer applies. The old UI Designer plugin is not supported anymore:

My recommendation is that after you install MOE, you check out the Calculator sample.

Also, check out the Knowledge Base here on the forums, community members have created some tutorials for MOE 1.3 already.

We are working on updating the documentation (the outdated version, that is still much more current than the Intel version is here: https://doc.multi-os-engine.org).

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thanks for your replay I dont understand why you didnt mark that doc as deprecated cause I was surfing there all day long and a lot of things didnt make sense;
I saw the example in SnowDog and it was the I was looknig for .
But Im wondering if I can use swift instead of objective c or it dons not matter if Im gonna do viewcontrollers in java after all?