Java bindings not being called


I’m having issues with getting bindings to work.

I tested with a default project, created a binding for a simple view controller (ViewController.h/m) that only has 1 method: click
I modified the generated java file to print a line to console when this method is invoked.

However, this never gets invoked at all in the simulator. If I add ObjC code in ViewController.m for this click method, it will get invoked instead.

This setup was working last week… so I’m not sure what happened.

I just upgraded Android Studio to 3.1.1 and I’m using MOE plugin 1.4.3 (which is using sdk 1.4.2 from the printouts)

Any help?
I’ve tried changing the generated package name etc, but nothing seems to work.

It seems like I need to set binding mode to Hybrid for it to work…

It didn’t need it last time!