Java Compiler Exception using Maven

I’ve run into a problem when building a project that uses the MOE Maven plugin. I’m trying to narrow it down to a sharable case, though I haven’t been able to yet - when I do, I’ll add it here. In the mean time, perhaps the cause will be clear.

Specifically, this is the exception and surrounding code:

[INFO] Changes detected - recompiling the module!
[INFO] Compiling 17 source files to /Volumes/Terra/SourceTree/domino/domino-client/domino-client-moe-hybrid/target/classes
An exception has occurred in the compiler (1.8.0_60). Please file a bug at the Java Bug Database ( after checking the database for duplicates. Include your program and the following diagnostic in your report.  Thank you.$CompletionFailure: class file for java.lang.invoke.MethodType not found```

I have a workaround of sorts in that, if the code is compiled externally (say, via an Eclipse build), the Maven compiler sees no work to be done and continues on with the task (Install or the MOE launch).

While I try to isolate it some more, is there anything else I can check to try to debug?


We released moe-maven 1.3.1, please try this version.

Best Regards,

Looks so far like it cleared it up. Thanks!