Libgdx - android: FragmentApplication vs. ios: <?>Application

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I love the idea of Multi-OS Engine!
There’s one question that bothers me for a while now. Since my existing Android app is using FragmentApplication in several places ( I really need to show native Android-UI besides 3D-accelerated stuff presented via libGDX), I’ve wondered if there’s something similar to FragmentApplication for iOS?

I now the IOSApplication.Delegate, but I don’t wanna launch the libgdx part when launching the app. I thought about having a UIViewController instead? Is there something like that? How can I shrink the size of my libgdx viewport and show native iOS-UI besides it?

Thank you very much!

Dear Christian,

We already pushed support for this on the libgdx master branch. Check out this thread for more details:

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This is great! Thank you so much for your answer!
Finally I can continue working on my iOS port.

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