[libgdx] In IOSGLKView combined with IOSApplication, dispose or pause won't be invoked

Hi there!

There is a new problem with libgdx combined with UIViews.
A Libgdx application is only initialized on one screen in my app. I start the UIViewController and initialize Libgdx for a specific view.
This works very well now. But if the user returns to the navigation bar and the previous screen opens, neither “pause” nor “dispose” is called. This finally causes libgdx to restart every time you open the screen, but never be released. After opening the screen a few times, it starts to stutter logically.

Did I overlook calling a method to dispose all resources?

The libGDX documentation advises against calling “Gdx.app.exit()” because it violates Apple guidelines (it didn’t work anyway).

I would be very grateful for an idea how I might get my ios app to call “pause” and “dispose”.

Thank you!