libGDX project using MOE plugin build fail

Hi ,

I’m trying to create a libgdx app using MOE plugin , everything worked fine so far until i tried to used import com.sun.nio.sctp.AbstractNotificationHandler class

import com.sun.nio.sctp.AbstractNotificationHandler;

public class Test extends AbstractNotificationHandler{

project build fail with no class found NoClassDefFoundException every time i instantiate Test class

Anyone has an idea about this error ?

Dear Salah_Hammouda,

the com.sun.nio.sctp.AbstractNotificationHandler class is not part of the MOE SDK. Eclipse/Android Studio may think this class is available, but that may be false. You can check for these classes is Android Studio in the project view > External Libraries > moe-core. If you can find it there, it should be usable.

Thx for the quick reply .

Yes you’re right Android Studio think it’s there but it’s not the case …