Memory Leaks: OpenSSL?

My team and I have been profiling our app with Instruments in an attempt to get ready to release our app. Unfortunately, we are seeing several memory leaks from the same source. As shown in the picture below, we can trace the large majority of our leaks to CRYPTO_malloc being called by EVP_DigestInit_ex and EVP_MD_CTX_create. After some quick googling all 3 of these calls can be traced back to the OpenSSL library. Unfortunately, we are less versed in this area and so we are reaching out for help.

Is this something we have configured on our network connections or is it possible this is an MOE default setting? Because the OpenSSL library is in C, we are unsure if our project has changed any of the default behavior when all our code is in Java. Even just nailing down if this is a problem with how we wrote our network connections or if this is default behavior would be very helpful.

Thank you for your time, and all help is appreciated.