Migeran App Developer Master Course Special Offer

Dear MOE Community,

As promised, here is our special offer for MOE Community Members:


Check out the site for the detailed curriculum, but just the highlights:

  • We are developing 2 apps from start to finish
    • First we port the Software Engineering Daily App from Android to iOS and reuse most of its code
    • Then we build a new multi-platform app from scratch

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Great 2018!

Best Regards,
The Migeran Team

PS: If you have friends or associates, who would benefit from the knownledge in this course, feel free to share the link with them as well.

Dear Gergely,

I want to register in this course. but before registration i have some question about the future of this SDK.

what happened for auto-progaurd ?
this e-learning has how many part and how long it is ?
how we can get any support ?

I definitely see a bright future of this sdk and wish success to your team.


Even though I don’t have an app I am actively developing right now I signed up to support MOE development :slight_smile:

Dear Saeed,

  1. we are backporting auto ProGuard to MOE 1.x from 2.x (actually we are merging development into a single master branch), more details in the roadmap to be released soon.
  2. We have a very detailed website for the training, where these questions are answered: https://migeran.com/p/app-developer-master-course-moe-special
  3. What kind of support are you looking for? The course will have a private forum, community forum is available here, as always, and you can contact us for commercial support.

Best Regards,

Last Chance to get the free 1 hour consultation with me until midnight today.

Register now:


Dear All,

I am sorry to report, that due to unforeseen personal reasons, at this time, I won’t be able to present the App Developer Master Course.

Those, who already registered for the course, should have already received an email with the refund details.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Gergely Kis

PS: This does not change our commitment to MOE in any way. Stay tuned for the documentation updates and roadmap.

Wish the best to you…Gergerly Kis

and Hope to hear from you soon