Migrate a libgdx project that has no ios-moe module

Dear MOE - Dev Team,

I have a (almost) finished game that was made before libgdx had MOE - Support.
The iOS Part currently runs with roboVM, but i would love to have it run on MOE instead.

Is there a way to port my code over or integrate the MOE - module to libGDX?
If this is the case, I would be very thankful if you could show me how to do so.

Thank you and best regards,
David Wernhart

Hi, I have encountered a similar situation myself.

What I ended up doing was using the LibGDX setup tool to create a project with identical settings (package name, game class, etc.) to what my original project was, and making sure the ios-moe box was checked. I then copied the ios-moe folder over to my old project and added ios-moe as a build target in the projects settings.gradle file.

It’s worth noting that my original project was setup with the same libgdx version as the one I used to generate the ios-moe module. I would suggest updating your project before trying this method. This method may have some side effects that I am not aware of, although its worked for me with no issues so far.

I would also be interested in a more proper solution if one exists or any potential issues this method may cause.

Hope this helps,
Tyler Johnson

Hi Tyler,

this is the current way to do it, I am not aware of any side effects.

Best Regards,

Thank you for your help, i got it working now!