MOE benchmark - strange results


I’m doing some tests with MOE comparing with TotalCross, which is a JVM i developed for 17 years.

I ran the test in some devices. I understand that in Android, MOE is actually not used, but the Android vm is used instead. I still have to make tests on iOS.

Can someone tell me why most field and method calls are worst than in TotalCross?

The font is attached (just strip .txt). Note that, besides i’m using LibGDX, in my original tests using only MOE, the results were almost the same.


 guich (5.9 KB)


MOE is a solution to run Java apps on iOS. The attached table only lists different Android versions, where MOE is not used at all. I don’t understand how any of these results are relevant to MOE.

Please clarify what you are trying to say.

Best Regards,

Hi Gergely,

I just trying to understand why the Android results are so poor. I will run these tests on iOS today.