MOE finally supports Linux or not?

Hi everyone.
I’m using Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) as OS and I’d like to use the MOE.
Can I use the MOE in my android studio in Ubuntu?

Hi Ghasem,

short answer: currently not, but it is technically feasible.

Long answer:
MOE requires access to a Mac in order to build your app. There is support for remote building over SSH, but then the next step is to install the application binaries on your iPhone or iPad. MOE uses the imobiledevice library for this. Currently we don’t have Linux versions built from this library, but it is certainly possible.

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Dear @kisg
Thank you very much for this nice job!
I look forward to hearing the news about Linux support.

I don’t know why the MOE is not popular yet!
While I think it’s core and nature is very better than other cross platforms such as Flutter or react for at least java and android developers.
I read several article about the MOE and nearly everyone have doubts for continues updates and small community also.
I think you should grow the MOE contributor to be update always.

Please don’t left it never… I’d like to rely on this.
Best wishes

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You no need MOE on Linux.
MOE is AOT + iOS System calls, Linux no need any of those.

You have a nice JVMs (Java-14, Coretto, etc) here

@pkirill what do you mean exactly?

why do u need MOE on linux ?

Because I’m an android developer who uses linux OS and want to develop iOS app by the MOE in the same machine.

you could use Linux for development from the beginning, just saying :smiley:
There’s no limit for the OS you’re developing with. Just install Android Studio and include the correct moe-community gradle plugin in your project.

The only thing is: You ALWAYS need MacOS to compile for iOS. Either you build a hackintosh or have a cheap MacOS Device to use for compilation.