MOE Gradle Plugin 1.7.4 & SDK 1.7.3

With this release the MOE Community Edition is merged back to the MOE project and the development will be continued on the original version (including the SubstrateVM based backend)! :blush: And this is also the first release after migrating to Maven Central.


  • Migrate to Maven Central
  • Merge MOE Community Edition to MOE

Install / Upgrade

Change your build script like below, make sure to add mavenCentral() to the repositories and also update the group id of the moe plugin:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'org.multi-os-engine', name: 'moe-gradle', version: '1.7.4'

Thank you @Noisyfox for the new release!

awesome! :slight_smile: