MOE SDK & Gradle Plugin 1.8.2


2021-08-03: 1.8.2

Fix an issue that crash report shows the wrong exception name.

2021-08-02: 1.8.1

Fix a mistyped version number.

The original 1.8.0 release

This release brings support of Apple Silicon.

Breaking changes

  • Need to refresh the xcode project settings through Inject/Refresh Xcode Project Settings option in Android Studio/Intellij, or with the moeUpdateXcodeSettings gradle task.


  • Support developing on m1 based Mac
    • Include aarch64 simulator support
    • Support running the app on m1 Mac directly with Xcode (by selecting the “My Mac (Designed for iPad)” target)
  • Now you can build your project with JDK 11 (with language level set to at most 8)
  • Support Gradle 7.x
  • Fix index range checking in GuardedPtrs
  • Make sure the app crashes properly if uncaught exception occured on main thread
    • If you have an uncaught exception on main thread, sometimes the app simply exits without crashing, and won’t send crash report to Apple or any crash report service (such as Crashlytics). This version fixes this issue.
  • Add ObjCRuntime.crashAppWhenExceptionUncaught() that allows you to let app crash if any uncaught exception occured on certain thread.
    • ObjC and Java have different behaviors when uncaught exception occurs. Java will simply terminate a single thread, while ObjC will crash the entire app. This method allows you to crash the app with uncaught exception, which matches the iOS native crash behavior
  • Fix compile error when using lambda in moe-sdk project

Install / Upgrade

Simply change you build script to use the new plugin and SDK:

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'org.multi-os-engine', name: 'moe-gradle', version: '1.8.2'

Plugin works for me.