MOE vs Robovm app size: 4:1 (Correct is about 2:1)

I am converting 1 of my libgdx project, with Robovm install size on arm device is 50MB, but with MOE it is 200MB, 4 time bigger. This is not good, I think app size must be top priority before add any feature, it don’t know how Robovm can make it small size, but with MOE there are something wrong with Proguard or unknown reason.

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Dear Viet,

You mention, that there is something wrong with Proguard in your project. Does this mean that you can’t build your project in proguardLevel 'all' configuration?

Also: is the RoboVM build also universal build (includes armv7 and arm64 archs)?

We know that MOE builds are somewhat larger than RoboVM, but should not be 4:1.

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After add proguardLevel ‘all’ it is 138:50, i will except image size it is: 125:35, equal 3.5:1

Updated: After upload ipa to Itune connect, i see their report and compare to Robovm version. Install size on device is 2x bigger, It not best, but it will perfect if smaller in next version

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