MOEC Roadmap for iOS 14 support 2020 Jun-Sept

After the release of first public beta version of iOS 14, I found some critical bugs that prevent the current MOE from running on it. In order for everyone to be prepared and get their app approved by Apple before the final release of iOS 14, here is the roadmap for the following few months.

Since Apple did not announce the release date of iOS 14, I assume it will be released in the mid of September 2020, that gives us around 3 months. The NO.1 priority is to make MOE running stable on iOS 14 so the most of the releases will be focused on stability instead of features like bindings for new iOS apis.

  1. 2020/6/26 MOE 1.7.0-beta1
    • Available now!
    • The first version that can be used on iOS 14 public beta 1
    • Build with Xcode 11.5
    • Same iOS SDK bindings as MOE 1.6.0 (iOS SDK 13.4)
    • Fix a crash when debugging in Android Studio when there is a Objective-C block callback
  2. 2020/7/18 MOE 1.7.0-beta2
    • Fix bugs found in beta1
  3. 2020/8/8 MOE 1.7.0
    • Fix bugs found in beta2
  4. 2020/8/22 MOE 1.7.1-beta1
    • Fix bugs found in 1.7.0
    • Update binding to iOS SDK 14 beta
    • Build the SDK with Xcode 12 beta
  5. 2020/9/x (few days after iOS 14 and Xcode 12 release) MOE 1.7.1
    • Fix bugs found in beta1
    • Update the binding using the release version of iOS SDK 14
    • Build the SDK with Xcode 12 release version

Request for Comments

As always, leave your comments below if you find any issues while using MOE, not only on iOS 14. Me alone cannot find all potential problems, so any feedback is helping.


1.7.0-beta2 is out with some exciting changes!

  • The screen unlock checking is working properly when running the app from AS on iOS 13+ device.
  • (Almost) all parameters of Objective-C block bindings now have proper parameter names instead of the boring and meaningless “arg0”, “arg1”, “arg2”…
  • Generating bindings for Obj-C blocks that have parameters that are also blocks is now supported (this issue is identified in iOS TableView swipe UIContextualAction, thanks @sebastian).
  • Update bindings for iOS 13.6.