Multi-OS Engine on Droidcon'17

Hi everyone!

I’m, happy to announce that my lecture “Write iOS apps in Java along with Android” has been accepted at Droidcon Krakow 2017 - biggest Android conference in Poland!


I am very pleased that I can spread a word about how great Multi-OS Engine is and what we have achieved with it in SlideCase.

More about Droidcon:

If you are going, it would be great to meet for a beer and exchange our experiences :smiley:
See you around!


Wish to hear the best news from you

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Dear Mateusz!

Congratulations for your talk! We would be pleased to feature it in a blog post on the MOE page. Also, we would like to add your SlideCase app to the (upcoming) featured apps section on the MOE website.

Best Regards,

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Thank you, @kisg :slight_smile:

It was a wonderful event, I was surprised by the huge amount of questions and discussions after lecture! The most popular question was: “Why haven’t I head about it? Is it really working like that?” :smiley:

My presentation is available here:

I’m glad that new developers are keen to try MOE in their projects!
Thanks for all your support, see you around :slight_smile: