Multiple versions of XCode

Had any one had success using MOE with multiple versions of XCode installed? What’s the trick and how MOE or gradle plugin find which XCode version to use? Or does anyone had success with using XCode 11 yet?

I need to debug some UI breakage on iOS 13 and have only one mac.

In Xcode settings you could select the command line tools version which is used by MOE.

Do you have any idea what would it take to import new iOS 13 SDK into MOE? There are some breaking UI changes and they can only fixed with using a new API added in iOS 13.

I guess you could try creating bindings yourself.

Any pointers on which MOE projects need to be forked and how location to xcode is specified?

I mean you could try creating the binding using a .nbc file, just like what you’ll do for your controller binding.

But /moe-sdk-1.3.8/sdk/moe-ios.jar has both apple bindings and some MOE classes and annotations and that dependency is probably brought in by apply plugin: 'moe' command in gradle (it is not explicitly declared anywhere)

But it should be doable (even manually) if you just want to use a few of the new APIs. It’s just a java binding of another Obj-C class.