*.nbc Binding file not recognized by newest Android Studio on MacOS

Hi there!

I’ve updated Android Studio on my Mac and now the *.nbc files won’t be recognized by the IDE anymore. Is there a way to generate binding classes via gradle tasks?

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Same here, upgraded to Android Studio 4.1 and the binding file isn’t recognized. AS said it couldn’t find a plugin to handle it, so I followed that prompt and selected the MOE plugin, and now my .nbc file won’t even open in text form in Android Studio. Any ideas @Noisyfox?

Hmmm there seems to be a NullPointerException when opening the editor. I’ll fix it asap.

Meanwhile you could run the gradle task moeNatJGen manually with arguments -Draw-binding-output -Dmoe.binding.conf=<path-to-bind-file>.


This has been fixed in 1.4.9 of the MOE CE plugin.


Thank you very much!!!