New Gradle plugin in Android Studio Arctic Fox

New Android Studio Arctic Fox comes with new Android Gradle Plugin 7.0. where “compile” configuration was replaced with “api” or “implementation”. So my project fails with error:

A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:ios’.
Failed to apply plugin ‘moe’.
Configuration with name ‘compile’ not found.

Workaround is to roll back/not upgrade Android Gradle Plugin.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

The issue came from the incompatibility with Gradle 7.0, not the Android Gradle Plugin (although AGP 7.x requires Gradle 7.x as well).

This is just a notice for people that do not use AGP but still want to upgrade their gradle version.

Could you try the latest MOE plugin 1.8.0-snapshot? It should work now (with my limited test).

How do I download a snapshot version of the plugin?
I am having the same issue

1.8.x has already been released, no snapshot version required.