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Until now, I have only developed applications for Android using Android Studio because I knew that to develop for iOS I will need a developer license, and furthermore, to develop in Objective-C.

Now I need to develop an application for both Android and iOS so I was looking for information about developing for iOS using Java so that I will not maintain 2 different applications. On that context, I have just knew about Multi-OS Engine which is interesting so I need to know more about it in depth.

Before I start downloading it and reading all documentations out there, I write here a very basic question I hope you can clarify. It is about costs in the future and way of deployment.

After I developed the application using Multi-OS Engine and generate installers for both Android and iOS, is it some fee I need to pay for some sort of license to deploy iOS applications? How can I publish the app to App Store? I use a PC and according what I have read, to upload to App Store I need a Mac computer. Can I do it with Multi-OS Engine?

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Hi there!

You actually do also deploy and build your app with a Mac or cloud build when using MOE. So the publishing process is kind of the same as it is usually :slight_smile:

Thanks… I will read about Cloud build using Multi-OS Engine. I don’t have either a physical Mac machine or a virtual Mac machine, and I don’t plan to have one :slight_smile:

Publishing process is the same as usual… right, but I don’t even know what the usual process is since I have not developed any iOS application yet :smile:

Oh I see :smiley: You probably need to have a least one machine which is able to compile for Mac OS, since the kernel is different.

Hi Jaime,

Welcome to the forum.

To give you a quick introduction: Multi-OS Engine allows you to create the iOS version of your app in Java. MOE integrates into Android Studio, IntelliJ or Eclipse, so you can just continue using the tools that you already know.

You can start with the and check out the sample projects in

Sadly, the current docs are a bit outdated, we are working hard on changing that. In the meantime if you have any questions, just ask here on the forum and we will try to help.

You will need a Mac to build the iOS version of your app. We have remote build support integrated into our Gradle plugin that can be used on Windows to build the iOS app on a Mac.

You can launch and debug the java code from your local Java IDE, even when you are on Windows and use Remote build.

MOE is very flexible, and you can do lots of advanced things, like develop a part of your iOS app in Swift or ObjC and integrate them with Java. Or you can automatically generate Java bindings for existing ObjC and Swift libraries that you want to use in your app.

MOE is completely open-source, there are no license fees.

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Thanks Gergely for your complete answer… it is all clear now!