No AppDelegate.m for adding Facebook SDK

Dear MOE - Support Team,

I am trying to integrate the iOS Facebook SDK to my LibGDX Project

Since I am reffering to this tutorial, I am a little bit confused because there is no AppDelegate.m file (that gets modified multiple times in the tutorial) in MOEs Xcode directory.

I am not sure what to do now, so I would be very happy about a response.

Best regards,

David Wernhart

Dear @wernimaster,

You should have a Java class that implements the UIApplicationDelegate interface. You should add the required changes there.

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Thank you Gergely!

I implemented this and it works, but as soon as I use one of the SDKs methods, my App crashes and I get the following error:

/Volumes/SSD/Android/moe-final/moe/natj/natj/src/main/native/natj/ WARNING: Binding class refers to class FBSDKAppEvents, but it can not be found. Fallback to indirect super class.
2017-07-08 15:49:23.251 facebooktest[2924:75436] +[NSObject activateApp]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x8c66028 +[NSObject activateApp]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x8c66028

I do have all the necessary librarys linked in the build phases tab in xcode.

Since I am pretty much out of ideas by now, I would really appreciate your help!

Best regards,

So I finally figured out how to fix this myself.

The Solution was in a post from the old Intel-MOE forum:

I had to add the -ObjC Linker Flag to Xcode like it is presented here:

Hope this can help if someone has a similar problem!

Best regards,