No Synchronize to Java Menuepoint


I rightclick on the .h file generated in XCode but no "Sonchronize to Java Menupoint appears.

So i rightclick on .h file -> “Multi OS Engine Actions”
There are 5 menupoints available. But no “Synchronize to Java”

Can anybody help?


Use Create New Binding.

Thanks für your answer!

If i use create new bindung, there is a user interface opening where i have to bind things. How do i use this user interface to bind the specific things of the ios ui to java? Do you have some tutorial for it?

If i fill in the binding user interface as i think its correct and click on build bindings i get the error:
/var/folders/nf/yt0q432d1fq4v7tcmf5fjd0c0000gq/T/tempfile126256234446735427.m:1:1: error: expected identifier or '('

I filled in the binding gui as follows:

Check this. You should use something like #import "MyViewController.h" instead.