Packaging MOE project as Framework/CocoaPod

I read several threads about packaging an MOE project as an SDK to be used in a non-MOE Xcode project.
I saw that there were plans to add this capability to MOE 1.3, but haven’t seen any concrete reference to it.

So to boil it down I have three questions:

  • Does this capability exist? Is it possible to package an MOE project as an SDK to be used in non-MOE Xcode projects?
  • If not, what would be the best way to do so?
  • What would it require from a developer that wishes to integrate this SDK? Will they have to actively install the MOE framework? Etc.

There are several threads from months back discussing it, I want to make sure we are following the latest best-practices.

Thank you,

Bumping up in the queue. I really need an answer here guys!

Bumping up
Nobody has an answer for me?
This is super disappointing

What have you tried? Obviously, no-one needed it before and if you want ready-to-use instructions, perhaps contact Migeran for a paid support.

I tried contacting Migeran several times with no luck. Through the website, the forum obviously and also LinkedIn. I’m fine with paying for support but there is no such information on the website so we are basically chasing our tail for several weeks now with no response from the MOE team. I seriously consider moving to another platform that can provide adequate support and answer in due time.
Do you have maybe contact information that you can provide me?

Thank you,

Unfortunately I don’t have any other contact info besides their web site

But if you have other alternatives it might be wise to consider them now.

Thanks Eugene, I appreciate it.