Problem with uploading MOE ipa file to Appstore

I made a libGDX project using multi-os-engine(MOE).
The app ran well in iOS simulator and real device.

However, I couldn’t upload ipa file(ios-moe.ipa) to Appstore by ‘Application Loader’ with the message as below.

Looking into .ipa file, I found Payload/ios-moe/embedded.mobileprovision does contain ‘Development’ provisioning profiles instead of ‘Distrubution’ one.

I don’t understand why this happened because I properly made ‘Distribution Provisioning profile’ in ‘Apple Developer’.

Could you give me some advices to fix this problem?


Additionally , if you don’t create ‘Development’ instead of ‘Distribution’ provisioning file, you can’t create .ipa file.

However, what we need in uploading the file to Appstore is ‘Distribution’ provisioning file but ‘Development’ one.