Problems with MOE UI Designer and Xcode UI Design

I’m having quite a lot of problems with this release.

I’m trying to create a simple App and cant get it to work either creating the UI on Android Studio, which gives an error message “0” when I try to create an ixml file or trying to import it from Xcode as I can´t for the life of me find the “sync to Java” option in the context menu.

the GUI designer doesn´t even open when clicking on ixml files.

Is there a problem with my install? Are the getting started docs outdated?


I moved your question to its separate topic.

UI Designer: Do you have both plugins installed? The UI Designer is now a separate plugin. Also, I saw in the GitHub issue that you opened, that you are using AS 2.2 beta 3. We only support AS 2.1 currently, could you please try it with that version?

The “Sync to Java” option will only show when you click on a header file, and the header file is inside the Xcode project directory (build/xcode by default).

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You are having same problems as mine. you can refer my questions. He had solved a lot of my questions :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the quick reply. I can confirm issue is still present in AS 2.1.2.

Ok, thank you, we will look into this.

The other direction (Xcode to Java) should work fine.

I followed your answers on Ivanooi’s question. However the generated classes dont seem to have any reference to the added views on the ViewController on Xcode.

Kristóf updated the tutorial on using Xcode with MOE. You can find it here.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We will let you know when we have an update on the UI Designer.

Hello, UI Designer need Android SDK 19, I meet the same issue before.