Process to Generate IOS 12 Java libs?

I would like to use some of the newer features of IOS 12 that are not yet exposed by the current Multi-OS-Engine libraries.

Is it possible to regenerate these libraries myself? If so, could someone provide instructions and/or references on how to do so?


EDIT: To be clear, I want to regenerate moe-ios.jar from scratch. How to do it?

You’ll gonna need to build the whole project by your own:

However this is pretty out-dated and you might find a lot of trouble building the whole project with latest Xcode / homebrew / macOS etc.

I’m currently working on a fork of the MOE project and try updating some of the documents and make it working with latest dev tools on macOS. If you wish to give it a try, you can find my fork here:

It should be possible to use existing SDK to re-generate the bindings and build a moe-ios.jar without building the whole project but you might need to modify the build scripts.