Proguard For Ios App

For the moe-ios applications, would it be useful to use proguard-obfuscation ?
for example is it possible decompile moe-ios application which installed in real device?
For the android applications apk files can be decompiled into jar files and if no obfuscation is applied
source codes can be displayed.
is same situation valid for moe-ios applications ?

It’s certainly possible with customised tools and a lot of patience since MOE uses AOT compile which means the bytecodes are no longer presented in the binary while for android it does.

MOE uses proguard for srinking the size of the binary, but not for obfuscation. The obfuscation is disabled in the MOE’s proguard configutation file.

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I understand that although it uses aot compilation and there is no byte codes for ios releases,
it is also good open proguard obfuscation property for the release binaries.

Thank you for your answer