Proguard Mapping File

Hi there,

I can’t find a ProGuard mapping file.

I’m using “proguardLevel ‘all’” in my build.gradle and I’ve added " -printmapping mymap.txt" to my proguard.append.cfg file.

After building, I search for all new/modified files on my computer, including hidden files. is updated to show " -printmapping mymap.txt", but no mapping file is generated. The *ipa is getting smaller and the app is running as expected.

Can anyone help me get a mapping file?


I believe it’s because we have


in the build-in proguard config (you could see those in file).
So the obguscate and optimize are never done, means we didn’t “map” anything here, hens no mapping file is created.

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Thanks @Noisyfox That would be the problem. Can we obfuscate with MOE, or will that break bindings?

Not sure about that. Do you have any particular reason to use obfuscate here?

Just some reverse engineering protection.

Yeah fair point. You should be able to overwrite the rules by providing your own FULL proguard config file (proguard.cfg) based on what the doc says:

If for some reason the original proguard.cfg configuration file is not good for your project then you can overwrite it by creating a proguard.cfg file in your project directory.

But It’s already pretty hard to reverse engineering it after been compiled to native code anyway, not sure if worth doing that.