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I would like to know which method is better/practical and recommended to implement for push notifications feature (especially with MOE). Is to use Firebase or using APNs directly ?
Is there any push notification example ?

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you may check this list :

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There are not examples yet. I also have this in todo list for my app. My plan is to use Firebase kits for android and ios respectively. The latter one trough MOE bindings. But that is driven by pre-existing server-side implementation, which is based on Firebase kit.

FYI, we got the notifications working using IBM Bluemix and their Swift cocoapod. If you’re interested by that, we can share the details.

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is it this ?

do you mind to share the details ?

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Yes, I think that’s the one we used. For iOS, I used their Swift Cocoapods with this podfile:

platform :ios, '9.0'

project 'xcode/ios.xcodeproj'

target 'ios' do
    pod 'BMSCore', '~> 2.0'
    pod 'BMSPush', '~> 3.0'

There were a couple sticking points I ran into in the process. The first was setting up the Java bindings for the Swift files generally, but I suspect that I made my life harder by using Eclipse instead of Android Studio for that - it looks like there’s an MOE tool for generating Cocoapods bindings directly, which may go more smoothly.

The other one is to do with this library, which is that not all of the required methods in the SDK have Objective-C-compatible representations, which in turn meant that they weren’t included in the Java bindings. To fix that, I created a small Swift shim class in the Xcode project to contain the BMSClient.sharedInstance and BMSPushClient.sharedInstance refs and proxy calls to them with signatures that did work with Obj-C.