ReactNative and MOE

Did someone tried to get MOE integrated with ReactNative? It would be interesting to write the UI using React while the business logic is done in Java. Just curious if someone tried that so far.

We have not tried it ourselves, but with 1.3 MOE requires minimal changes to the Xcode project, so it should be straightforward to add MOE to a React Native app. Just create a new empty app, replace the Xcode project with the react native project, and then inject the MOE Xcode settings from the context menu.


Did you have any success in trying this approach to integrating React Native?

So we have not tried it yet. This might be a future side project, but we have not got the time yet. I’m interested if you’re doing something in this space.

We got React Native working with MOE. We will release the necessary updates to the Gradle plugin next week.

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That sounds excellent Gergerly! I’m eager to see an hello world sample :slight_smile:

@kisg Hi Gergely - Have you released these examples somewhere? I’d like to experiment with React Native and MOE, so the business logic remains in Java

I think that this thing fell through the cracks, but the necessary Gradle updates are in 1.4.0, so you can easily convert any React Native project to a MOE project.

However, we did something much better: we created React Java, the Java port of React and React Native, so you can write your React app in Java (or Kotlin) with a nice, typesafe API (unlike the JS version). This is the real deal, not “inspired by”, it uses the same backend code as the stock React Native.

The world premiere will be at the HWSW Mobile conference on the 29th November. Stay tuned, for more details… :slight_smile:

Ah ah, eager to see the result. It reminds me some conversation we had last year on the subject.
Seriously, a Java React Native working on Android, iOS (then desktops as well) could be a game changer, particularly if the tools follow (ex: a JSX editor within Android Studio and/or Eclipse). How can I wait until Nov 29th? :slight_smile:

Why would you want to use JSX if you have a type safe DSL in Java / Kotlin? Just saying… :slight_smile:

I need to see your framework to have a better idea. But I would say for conciseness and convenience. A piece of markup like code is way more readable that a set of api calls. Maybe Kotlin used as a DSL would provide such an experience?
With React, it appears than I copy/paste HTML snippets a lot ( I hate that ‘class’ becomes ‘className’). That should not be the case with native though.
Good luck with you launch!

@kisg How did the java react native anouncement go on the HWSW mobile conference?

Is it possible for you to post an update on the blog of the MOE site for anouncements like these?

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@kisg Any news regarding React Java?


Last week we presented it at the HWSW conference in Hungary. I will do a short video of it in English next week, so it is more accessible for … well everyone except people speaking hungarian. :slight_smile:

We are closing in on the early access release, which will be first available to the participants of our new App Developer Master Course.

Best Regards,

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Hi Gergely - Any news on this project? Is there any thing we can look at?

Migeran posted on Twitter with a link to placeholder page at