Remote build via online/hosted OSX

Is anyone using remote build with an online OSX service?

I’ve used macincloud in the past, however the cheap (pay-as-you-go) option I used does not provide root access so I assume ssh access would not be possible. I am wrong about this? Has anyone used this service for MOE remote building?

There seem to be plenty of other online OSX services around that do offer full access for around $50/month but this is more than I’d like to pay so something I’d need to do very rarely.

Is there some other cheap online alternative I’m missing?

Are there any plans to bring back MOE’s old cloud build feature?


we only get requests for OSX cloud build very rarely, so it is not in our current plans. If there would be demand for it, that is people willing to sponsor its development and pay for the running costs, we could certainly be happy to develop and run this service.

It looks like a lot of developers opted for getting either a Mac Mini in the office, or they moved to a Mac even for Android development.

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I am using remote build all the time with a mac mini in my living room and you need to connect your iOS device to the actual mac mini every once in a while.

Sometimes I get an exception “cannot connect to debug server” and after every two weeks or so you get an error about provisioning profiles being expired. Both are solved by running my app directly from xcode with the iOS device in the mac mini itself, after that you can use remote build again. I don’t know how well you can connect an iOS device directly to a cloud mac using an usb proxy or something.

I have the cheapest mac mini with only 4gb ram and that is really slow so I would advice to get the 8gb ram version if you don’t have a tight budget. But all latest mac minis are from late 2014 so it might be better to buy a macbook/imac to get something faster with longer support.

Thanks for the replies.

I did buy myself an old mac a few years ago, which I was using for my iOS builds but it’s so slow these days it’s fairly painful to do anything with it.

I would be happy to pay for the use of a cloud based build system if it saves me having to setup and maintain an extra piece of hardware. Personally, I’d prefer some kind of pay-per-use type of system as I only need it sporadically.

In the short-term, I think I’ll just buy some more RAM for the mid-2010 mac I have and see if I can squeeze a little more life out of it.

I haven’t tried running MOE on it yet as it currently only has 2GB of RAM. I can still get it to build .ipas with roboVM by lowering the values of org.gradle.jvmargs (although I’ve been having various other issues with this) Are there any settings I can pass to MOE to reduce the 4GB ram requirement?

One thing to keep in mind if you want to publish to the store you most likely want to run the latest OS X and xcode.

According to this site 2010 mac mini’s do have OS X High Sierra:

If your 2010 mac mini does not get the next OS X update and Apple releases a next iOS version that requires the latest xcode you might not be able to publish to the store anymore.