Reviving the libGDX MOE backend


I revived the MOE libGDX backend! It works with MOE 1.9 and MOE 2.0.

How to use

There were some changes to the build.gradle and pbxproj, so it is probably the best to generate a new project and copy over the files. Or if one wants looking at a generated project and make changes on the real project accordingly. Anyhow, you can generate a new project with the newest gdx-liftoff release. It will use moe 1.9 as default.

After all was generated you need to run the “copyNatives” gradle task first. This will place all gdx natives in xcode/natives/ios. Please open than XCode and select all these frameworks for linking:

  • Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries. And click on ‘+’ button.
  • Then click on “Add Other” instead of adding default framework.

After this is done and signing was configured, your app should be able to launch.

What about MOE 2.0?

MOE 2.0 won’t work out of the box, you will need to add some reflection/jni configuration. You can either do this manually or use my pre-crafted ones. Just plug in the dependencies you want and it should work out of the box.

How to report issues/contribution

If there are issues with the backend please open a issue here. Any pr is also welcome!
If there is a issue with the pre-crafted configs, please open a issue here. Any pr is also here welcome!
If you just want to track general progress/changes you might want to follow this pr.


Hi @Berstanio,

this is great work, congratulations!

Kind regards,

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Fantastic work. I just updated my project with this, working like a charm. My iOS project is compiling and executing great with 1.11.0 now.

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Thank you @Berstanio , really appreciate your work !!

I updated my iOS project to MOE 1.9 and LibGDX 1.11.0 -> with default Proguard , I could build and run test my app on my iOS devices :+1:

But xcode stuck when i tried to change Proguard level to “Platform”.

Ok :wink: I could build and run my iOS project with Proguard level: " platform " :+1:

I added this line to my Proguard:
-keep class** {*;}

Now im trying to build my project with Proguard level: " all ".

Thank you, great to hear it works fine!
For reference for some proguard “all” rules you can take a look here:

The additions at the end of “proguard-full.cfg” are probably the most interesting ones for you