RFC: Renaming ios.* package to apple.* package

Dear All,

we are thinking about changing the root package for the iOS bindings from ios.* to apple.*.

The reason is, that we plan to support other Apple OSes, and using a separate root package for each (ios., tvos., watchos., osx.) effectively prohibits the code sharing between the different OSes.

So our current plan is to have a single root package "apple.", and for each OS we will generate the bindings with the same root package. This means for example, that while both the iOS and tvOS bindings use the same apple., the methods and classes that are not present on tvOS will not be included in the tvOS bindings.

You will be able to select which OS you want to target in your build.gradle file, and your app will be built against the correct bindings.

What do you think? If you agree with our approach, we would like to make this change in the very near future (e.g. in the next release, or in the release after).

If you don’t agree, please also let us know, so we can discuss it in more detail.

Best Regards,

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