[Showcase] Business App - LibGDX - MOE

We have been busy developing our first business app (Shopping Cart) using LibGDX ! and we did a full implementation for the first client. We think LibGDX is great tool for cross-platform development and great to develop interactive apps, at this stage we are taking it easy and simply focusing in making basic UI, but in future we will be pushing our design and animation which is very easy in LibGDX.

Check the video here :

Also you can download the app (Sorry UI default to Arabic)

Android :


Please we are interested in your feedback

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I have some question.

  1. What is size of app (in android and in IOS)
  2. For request server, what is method you use?
  3. proguard of you?

Interesting! What UI you are using ? It does not look like Android nor iOS native UI.

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  1. This size is 5 MB for Android & 70 MB for iOS (optimized by proguardLevel= all from 110 MB) :frowning2:
  2. We are using XMPP (No HTTP at all), using Openfire and Smack , we needed 2 way communication as we are working on realtime tracking for delivery and chat
  3. if I understood your 3rd point correctly, we set the proguardLevel = all, however this for sure need further enhancement as the results still not acceptable (70 MB ouch !)

I hope this answers your questions

The UI are all LibGDX, we added some hacks for the GoogleMaps and TextField (we call it NativeEdit), I know many people still insisted in having the UI matching the platform Look & Feel and this still achievable, but we see that hybrid apps don’t follow this and some of them still successful apps, the main complain about hybrid apps is the low performance, while the performance of LibGDX / MOE matches the native performace.

I also wanna add that this is still hard thing to do, we are doing it because we are a service provider and we are investing in our platform, if you’re a solo developer and you need to build an app in a couple of months, then this is not for you.

Size 5M in android is admissible, 70M in IOS is too large.
For native android about ~2-3M and IOS ~5-7M, i think. With Libgdx for ios, i think that is admissible for game not for app. There many framework for app multi-platfrom as PhoneGap, Xamarin…

The 70 MB comes from the MOE itself and not LibGDX , I see we can bring it to 50-60 MB area by optimizing proguard, but the reset have to be done by MOE team and improve this.

Swift apps have 25 MB+ overhead. I also did some digging about this and found some of the apps written in Swift and found that many big companies are using Swift and the size of their apps are huge as well, Lyft ~100MB , LinkedIn 150MB , Eventbrite 50 MB, Airbnb 135 MB !!

So if you need 5-7 M app , I think you have to stick with ObjectC. For us we hope to see this down to 20-40 MB (From 70 MB)

true, same as Microsoft, even bigger, 150++ MB
I found out lot iOS app quite big!

for us, as long as the app works well and we can share the code base across desktop and mobile.
that good enough. as long as it is stable. size is not a matter for us.

Hello, i’m Ngoc from Vietnam. I’m start learning libgdx platform, i want to know about your business app, could you send me the demo source code project, thanks and best regards