Signing identities not found


I am trying to distribute my first app to the AppStore. Using the gradle ipa build command, I get this error message at about 96%: “No valid iOS Development signing identities belonging to team ***…”. In Xcode I have set all the code signing stuff to automatic (Distribution) and only set the developer team id in the file.

But I don’t get why I am getting this error. What is meant by signing identity? I own a legal iOS Distribution Certificate on that account.

Thanks in advanace
Mikis Wöhrmann

I have added the certificate to my Mac’s keychain as well. This is what Xcode is suggesting to select as code signing identity, but selecting it makes no difference to automatic. Always fails at signing as there is no valid iOS Development signing identity. Has anyone experience that before? What steps do I have to follow to set this up correctly. Btw: Manually stepping everything in the signing section of the cradle build file doesn’t help either, as it ends up with the same error…

With whitch xcode version do you work? I have the same problem with the new xcode 9. With the previous version it worked fine.


because I was to scared to update to Xcode 9, I am still on 8.3.3! I really think I just did setup something wrong, I there a guide that explains the process in detail?

We distribute MOE projects using Xcode steps:

  • Open the Xcode project
  • In Menu Product, choose Archive
  • In the Popup, that appears afterwards, select last build and click ‘Upload to App Store…’

Under the hood, Xcode calls MOE custom build scripts that create IPA with correct provisioning profile and distribution certificate.

Does that work for you?


thank you very much. Actually it worked fine that way. Much appreciated! Thanks again!