Support IPhone X screen resolution


In order to support the IPhone X screen resolution, I simply added a launching image with 1125 x 2436 px to ios-moe/xcode/ios-moe/[email protected], (as described in Nevertheless, the app does start with another launching image (not the [email protected] one). Hence, the screen of the IPhone X is not completely filled.

Do I have to add some additional code, or should it be enough to simply add the new image to support the new screen resolution?



I had to do a bit more myself to get my libgdx game to open in full screen (without black bars):

I had to add an Assets.xcassets folder and clicked “Add new iOS launch image” in xcode. It generates some Contents.json.

Created a special branch in my project to play with iphone x support, this is the folder that contains my launchimages:

Hope this helps.

Have you guys or anyone else been able to successfully address all iPhone X issues for iOS app build with MOE?

Does it require to migrate to XCode 9 and/or update MOE to 2.x beta? Any other hints or tips you could share?

My project is building using the latest XCode (I never switched to the MOE 2 beta) and MOE 1.4.x and runs on the iPhone X:

Feel free to use anything in my code.