Supporting the project

So, we’ve been using MOE for quite some time and this is something that really feels like something that is the missing link for the Android scene to also target iOS. And not to forget, Libgdx became a whole lot more interesting after being able to target iOS. The RoboVM deprecation was awful, but when MOE came around we switched from Unity back to Libgdx for the sole reason of finally being able to target iOS again.

We’re just curious how we can help. Is there a roadman? A contributing guide, or a list of things people with not as much objc/Apple experience can help hack away at? Perhaps even in a financial way or a donation portal?



I totally agreed! This is the only project that really still alive and bunch of talented people supporting it. Nice if we can donate or some things to keep the project goes on…


I’am agree to.
we spend more time to use this sdk in our project’s.

Dear Bart,

thank you for your kind words. We are in the process of updating the MOE project website with everything you mentioned here, and more…

Watch this space for the first announcement before the end of this week.

I am also very interested in your experience with libgdx (and MOE) compared to Unity. Would you be willing to share a bit more about your project? We will also add a featured apps section to the MOE website, if you (or anyone else) is interested.

Best Regards,


Hi Gergely,

Great to hear that everything is still moving forward. Our biggest fear was that at one point, development would cease and we’d no longer be able to develop for iOS. Currently, our stack is perfect and we’re having a perfect developing framework that we are loving.

We’re working on a platformer-arcade game, launching pretty soon on Android & iOS. If you have a blog, I can write a guest post on our experiences coming from Unity & Unreal, as well as our current stack & cycle, or I could write it up here. Whichever you prefer.

I’d also love to contribute to documentation somehow. I was considering starting a GH wiki, and dumping the information we have and tips/tricks there for others to read up on.

Thank you for replying - and the project in general!

All the best,