System.out.println() doesn't print to Xcode console

This is a minor thing but it’s something RoboVM did. If I run my app on my phone (without Android Studio) I should be able to see the output from System.out.println in the Xcode console, but I can’t for some reason. There’s other phone output, but not the output from my app. Still works fine with RoboVM so it’s not a problem with my phone/laptop/Xcode.

I’m using LibGDX 1.9.6 with MOE 1.3.3 on an iPhone SE with iOS 9.3.1. It also happens on my iPhone 5S with iOS 10.3. And I’m on Xcode 8.2.1.

Also when I run my app from Android Studio it works great for a minute and then randomly the app freezes and won’t continue until I unplug my phone from my laptop. Then everything resumes like normal so it’s not a crash. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m ignoring SIGPIPE so maybe when the app gets that it just freezes if it’s still connected to Android Studio? It never happens except when I run the app on my phone from Android Studio.

So when I experience this second bug I go to the Xcode console to see my app output but I can’t get it because of the first bug. Any help is appreciated, thanks! Also great job on Multi OS, it’s really awesome!