THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! You made my dream come true!

As I said in the title, it’s thank to all of you if I’ve been able to publish my game on the AppStore/Google Play.
Thanks to this amazing Framework, thanks to all the mod who answer to every question, and thanks to every user that helped me during my developing process. As a matter of fact, I gave you the credits in my game, as you can see below!



So thanks again guys, it has been a pleasure <3
I’ll leave you the link of the stores, Youtube and Facebook in case you want to try it and let me know


Google Play:

Youtube Video:

Facebook Page:


Hi there,
Firstly, Congratulation about your successfully!
Secondly, may you share with us your development story? about all difficult things you were facing to? and how did you solve them?

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Thanks a lot! I hope you liked it :blush:
Most difficulties I found was to how to use native iOS code and link it to AdMob, that was a real challenge since there’s next to no documentation and it was all about trying endless possibilities and try to mix different information to make it work.
But beside that, it was really nice that, once the game runned well on pc/Android, there was nothing to do to make it work also on iOS, as a matter of fact, I known nothing about obj-C and swift, but I was still able to make it work.
The only complain, again, is the lack of official and organized documentation, even if the community is very active and helpful