There is no moe/moe-core/Builder directory, then next?

According the guide, Building from source code:

First, I get the source code,
Get the source code from mainline branch:

repo init -u
repo sync

Setup MinGW environment:

Build mingw:
macOS 10.11
cd moe/moe-core/Builder
chmod +x

but there is no moe/moe-core/Builder, then How can I build MOE from source code,


Dear radxe,

we made major changes on the MOE project’s layout, thus the method of building from source changed. We will be updating our guide sometime this week.

Dear liliomk,
thanks, I will wait the new guide!
Will you provide a new smaller source code .zip file?

 downloading the source code though repo, the directory size is larger than 3 G

, It is too large!
repo init -u
repo sync

Thank you very much!

Dear radxe,

you can use the --depth parameter of repo init to create a shallow clone.

repo init -u --depth 1

This will only check out the latest revision of each repository.

Best Regards,