UI Designer in Android

Hi All,

I am new to MOE development and would like to ask where I can find the iOS UI designer for Android Studio? I cant seem to find the plugin or opne my storyboard in Android Studio


Open your project in xcode and use InterfaceBuilder


In earlier releases there was a UI Designer integrated into Android Studio, but it used its own file format, so it was not possible to open your Storyboards with that. We retired it in MOE 1.2, you can read more about this decision here: https://multi-os-engine.org/blog/2016-09-30-removed-features/

If there is demand, we do have plans to create a cross platform UI Designer solution, that can work with the native Storyboard format, but we would need to have funding for that from the community.

In the meantime, you can use Xcode to edit your Storyboards. Also, MOE 1.3 will include a lot of improvements regarding Storyboard integration, and the beta will be released soon: https://multi-os-engine.org/blog/2016-12-05-plans-for-moe-1.3/

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