UI view not showing on Iphone Simulator

Hi there,

I just spent 3 days trying to follow the MOE Tutorial:

Everything looks fine apart from the UI view not showing on the Simulator.

Download the sample code from GitHub, but the IOS project cannot open in Xcode.

Can anybody please kindly shine some light?


Hi Jenny,

which sample did you try to run?

I usually recommend starting with the Calculator:

If this works, then you can move to something more complex.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the reply Gergely, the project I was trying to run was MoeSampleApp-Tutorial_1. After right click on ios module, select “MOEAction -> Open project in Xcode”, the error message was “Neither the Xcode project nor the workspace is set in the Cradle plugin”.
In the project I set up following the tutorial, there is no error message when I repeat the above step, however, the screen is blank on the iOS simulator.
The Calculator project does open in Xcode.

However, it would be much appreciated if you could help me resolve the issue around the MoeTutorial-1 project.

On my MacBook, I have,
Android studio 3.0.1
Xcode version 9.2
MacOS 10.13.2
iOS SDK 11.2