Updated tutorial for creating the user interface needed

I tried to follow the tutorial - but it’s outdated and partly wrong

  1. there is no “Single View Application with Storyboard”
  2. The sub menu with the Multi-OS Engine Actions shows different entries than in the tutorial
  3. The “Synchronize to Java” entry never appeared (the correct header file was selected according to the tutorial)



Dear MOE team,

If they let me i make a good tutorial for creating an application.


I was stuck with the same “Synchronize to Java” missing bit. I’m using Android Studio 2.3.1 and MOE plugin 1.3.1 with MOE gradle plugin 1.3.6.

However, I’ve found this blog that explains a little bit how the “Create New Binding” feature is supposed to work: https://medium.com/@mateusz_bartos/write-ios-apps-in-java-along-with-android-900d6013f83f

Hope this helps!