Using MOE with JavaFX?

Is it possible to use MOE with JavaFX?

Dear Tobium,

Back in the Migeran for iOS days we created a proof of concept port of an older version of JavaFX, but it was not further maintained.

However, it would be straightforward to implement support for JavaFX for 2 reasons:

  • MOE uses the ART runtime and JavaFX was ported to Android
  • JavaFX was ported to iOS with RoboVM, so it should be straightforward to port it to MOE.

Would a JavaFX port for MOE be interesting for you?

Best Regards,

Yes it would be very very interesting for me and for the whole JavaFX community. MOE is awesome and it would be a further USP to develop crossplatform user interfaces with JavaFX for mobile devices.

So is there any chance to try your “old” proof of concept? Or do you need help or something else I can do for you?

Best regards,

Hello, I think JavaFX with MOE is important, but MOE support Bitcode and Android 7 runtime is more important. JavaFX for iOS should based on MOE 2.0 which support bit code and android 7 runtime .


Is there any timeline for JavaFX support? Or can I do anything to speedup JavaFX support?

Try JavaFxPorts or Gluon Mobile. Thats plain JavaFX user interfaces for iOS. While JavaFX is nice it is not that fast on iOS. Everything is kind of sluggish and (100ms) delayed. In general it is fantastic, one UI for all platforms, in practice wait a bit. It just became a teenager, too many issues all over the place.

You are right. I had tested on my phone. Slow, sluggish. I think WebView even better than that.I believe JAVAfx really need a mobile version. native app still the best in term of speed , response time and native user experience. That the reasons why I choose MOE.

If it is too slow, did you profile the app to understand the bottleneck ?