Using Multi-OS Engine on Linux host?

Hello Multi-OS community!
I wanted to know if Multi-OS engine is supported on Linux host?
If yes:

  1. Where can I find getting started documentation for Linux host? (Currently docs only talk about windows and Mac host).
  2. Is anyone using Linux host for development using multi-OS Engine?

I am using Ubuntu 20.04. I installed Android studio and multi-OS Engine community plugin in it. Created a new android studio project and after that I right clicked in left side panel and clicked milti-OS Engine >> New Module. I was expecting a dialog to create a new module but nothing happens. Has anyone faced similar problem?

If no:

  1. Is there any unofficial way around and what would be the limitations?
  2. I saw that support for Linux was mentioned in Github issues. Where are we on it?
    Any answer would be much helpful to make my decision for my project.
    Thank You!

Hi, are you develiping an iOS app?
You can not run and build iOS app on Ubuntu, you can only use u computer a a writer

Thank You for your reply.
Yes, I know I need mac OS for developing IOS app but I want to create a new multi OS module in my project using Linux host and later compile the code using a mac later sometime. I just want to know how to create a new multi OS engine module in android studio in Linux host. As I mentioned in my post, I am having problem creating new module and I am not getting new module creation dialog.
I wanted to know if this problem is Linux specific?

I don’t think MOE can be used on Linux since the MOE sdk tools are not compiled for Linux. But I haven’t actually tried so I’m not sure if it can be supported easily. I’ll give it a try later.

Edit: It seems to be working (mostly) fine on Linux, there is no special steps required, just install the AS plugin and you are ready to go. It can properly open the project and code completion works fine. However I didn’t test the remote build and I don’t expect it to work. The binding generation doesn’t work for sure since it requires some native binaries which are not built for Linux.

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See my other post here which should solve this particular problem.